A grown man has admitted to friends that he has a deep phobia of retractable cords on vacuum cleaners, telling them he gets a shiver down his spine even if he just hears one from the next room. The man, Leigh Cranston, confessed that ever since he was a child he has been equal parts fascinated and afraid of the somewhat magical cords as they hurry back into the vacuum cleaner when their button is pressed. 

While his friends were mainly just bemused by the admission, Cranston said it was a weight off his shoulders, telling The Watsonia Bugle that acceptance was the first step towards properly dealing with his phobia. He said, “it’s just a relief really. As a kid I thought it was just fascination, but then into adulthood I realised I was genuinely afraid of them. It’s caused a lot of problems for me, especially with housemates and girlfriends who just assume I’m too lazy to ever do any vacuuming around the house.” 

Cranston’s best mate, Brad Slater, was less positive about the situation, saying “none of us could believe when he started to tell us. He got everyone’s attention and we thought he was gunna tell us he was dying or something. So when he said he has a deep fear of vacuum cleaner cords we were kind of relieved. But then he started crying and it all just got a bit awkward.”