A Richmond supporter who lives in Watsonia is currently hosting a wild reunion to celebrate the one-week anniversary of the Tigers winning a final. Initially unsure how to spend the week off while his team prepares for a Preliminary Final next weekend, Tim Carter has invited all his Richmond mates over to watch the replay, drink copious amounts of beer, and make plans for how they’ll all get Grand Final tickets. 

Speaking to us earlier today, Carter said, “mate, the last week has just been a whirlwind. I finally sobered up about Tuesday arvo, have been consuming all forms of footy media throughout the week, and now it’s time to reminisce about arguably the best night of me life.” 

As a 38-year-old man, Carter said he was too young to remember the Tigers last Premiership in 1980, so had basically endured a lifetime of pain, up until last Friday night. He said, “until last week, my all-time footy highlight was some pissy little win over the Bombers in a Semi-Final in 1995. I mean, don’t get me wrong, that was awesome, but now we’ve got bigger fish to fry. We can genuinely win the flag now, I’ve got no doubt.”