Just weeks after the thrilling conclusion of the seventh season of hit show Game of Thrones, Eltham man Ben Wallace has started telling friends he’s off the show because there’s no longer as much skin on display as there was in the first few seasons. While Wallace is not the only one to notice this slight change in the plot line, most fans are so far invested into the story that they’ve allowed the lack of medieval-themed mating to slide. 

However, unfortunately for the creators of the award-winning series, Wallace is much more shallow than the average fan, telling friends on the weekend that “the significant reduction in skin has turned me off the show to be honest. In the first few seasons everyone was getting it on. It was awesome!”

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle yesterday, Wallace said, “it’s just taken a turn for the worse if you ask me, what with all them white walkers and that. What I’d say to the producers of the show is, ‘less ice zombies, more nice boobies’. That formula made the show successful in the beginning, so why turn your back on it now?”