Following last week’s viral spread of the news that the good old Aussie “shout” is dead, a local barmaid has bemoaned the death, telling The Watsonia Bugle that bar queues have doubled, making customers angrier and ruder in the process. Tegan Lennard, who pulls beers at a local tavern, encouraged drinkers to give the shout a second chance, as it will ultimately cut wait times at the bar. 

In case you missed it last week, a Perth television station announced the death of the shout, and the news spread like wildfire across social media. Apparently the proud Aussie tradition of purchasing your drinks in a round with mates is over because too many tightarses opt out when it’s their turn to pay up, leaving the same old suckers to keep footing the bill time and again. 

Therefore, part of the reason the news spread so quickly was that people were tagging their tightarse mates in an obvious attempt to shame them in a public forum. But Tegan has no time for any of this behaviour, telling us that if everyone goes to the bar each time they want one drink we’ll be spending half our time at the pub queuing up. She said, “these tightarses need to lift their game. I’ve never been busier than I have in the last week. It’s like the news reminded everyone how they were getting ripped off in shouts, so everyone’s going solo. It’s a nightmare.”