In between ingesting large quantities of his own bathwater, a celebrity has asked a question of his followers because he doesn’t realise that Google exists. The celebrity, whose name we’ll protect, yesterday tweeted “Hey guys, when does daylight savings start?” 

While a number of the celeb’s followers dutifully replied with the correct answer – Sunday 1 October – many observers were left wondering why he didn’t just type the exact same question into Google and receive an immediate answer. On the balance of the facts, it must be assumed that he either isn’t aware of the existence of Google – despite the fact he seems like the kind of person who would “Google himself” quite regularly – or just likes to show off the fact that he has many thousands of followers, some of which are more than happy to answer his stupid questions within at least a minute of them being asked. 

If the average punter was to post a similar question to his – let’s say 200 – followers, they would either be tortured by a long silence, or grilled by their closest friends for not just looking up this basic information themselves on an incredible powerful and pervasive search engine. We guess it’s just another example of why it’s so great being a celebrity, like posting a picture of your dinner on Instagram and receiving thousands of likes, while the rest of us fight and scrap to get maybe 20 likes on an incredible framed photo of a beautiful sunset.