A Greensborough man described by friends as a “classic old-fashioned bloke” has shocked his mates by announcing that he will be voting yes for same sex marriage. He told mates over dinner at the local RSL last night as the conversation tentatively turned to the topic of the plebiscite currently hitting mail boxes all over Australia. 

The man in question, Ken Young, has previously been fairly outspoken on the issue, as well as displaying many homophobic tendencies over many years. So why did he change his mind so dramatically? Young said, “I’ve been married for 40 bloody years and been miserable for a fair chunk of that, so why should heterosexual blokes be the only ones to endure the suffering of a long-term marriage?” 

Young’s comments were quite consistent with his annual pronouncement to his wife on the day of their wedding anniversary, “Well, we’ve been married for (insert number here) years… you’d get less than that for murder!” However, they still shocked his close mates, who thought he’d be voting no for sure. As far as The Watsonia Bugle is concerned, we don’t really care why people vote yes, as long as they do vote yes. It’s time peoples.