Leading social analyst, Kelvin Randell, has claimed that motorists with personalised number plates are lacking something in their lives. The controversial claims have met heavy criticism amongst some motoring enthusiasts, and could potentially impact on the multi-million dollar personalised number plates industry. 

While Randell couldn’t be drawn on exactly what these people were actually missing, he remained adamant that there was something, telling The Watsonia Bugle that he had collected years of both scientific and anecdotal evidence on the matter. He said, “for each individual it does vary, but throughout my career analysing the habits and persuasions of hundreds of thousands of people, the common thread is that people with personalised number plates get them to fill a deep void within their souls.” 

Greensborough motorist, Jim Parnell, proudly sporting the number plate “BIGBOI”, strongly refuted the claims, telling us, “it’s bloody rubbish mate, that bloke doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’ve had this number plate for years, and everyone loves it. People always toot and that. And this one time, a bunch of teenagers waiting at the lights started yelling, ‘Rip it up Big Boi!’ So I did a burn out and they all cheered. It was awesome.”