A parked car with a significantly flat tyre that has been parked on Macorna Street in Watsonia North for at least a couple of months is still there. The long-term placement of the injured car has drawn the usual number of conspiracy theories, with local residents suggesting a wide variety of possible scenarios. 

Among the possible explanations are that it’s an art installation like the witches hats on the toilet block, the owner genuinely doesn’t know how to fix a flat tyre, or filming has commenced for a top secret sequel to Dude, Where’s My Car? While Ashton Kutcher’s management wouldn’t return our calls, Watsonia North residents are reportedly shocked by the intrusion, as they are more usually accustomed to a peaceful existence, occasionally being described as the sleepy hollow of the otherwise thriving metropolis of Watsonia. 

How long do you reckon the car has been parked there? And why do you think it has been there so long?