A detailed research project, plotting the proliferation of online content over the last 10 years, has revealed that there is a noticeable spike in the quantity of online content during leap years. While two of the three major reasons behind this spike were kind of obvious (i.e. the Olympic Games and the extra day in the calendar year), the third reason caught many online analysts by surprise. 

According to the research, the third major reason for an increase in online content in leap years was the multitude of articles informing us that women can propose to men in a leap year. Statistics from last year show that content on this issue significantly drove online traffic throughout 2016, and not just on 29 February, the supposedly traditional day for women proposing marriage to men. 

Reports reached The Watsonia Bugle this week that content producers across the globe have already started crafting content on this seemingly popular topic for 2020. While the validity of the actual premise is questionable, the content producers really don’t care. One even said to us, “haha, who cares if it’s true, it’s all about the clicks man”.