In a gala awards ceremony last night at Bell City, the Preston Life Saving Club named Trevor Hendy as the greatest ever Ironman to hail from Preston. Hendy was gracious in accepting the prestigious honour, thanking the inner city suburb for the role it played in the formative years of his life. 

The announcement of the award surprised many, as most didn’t even know Preston had a Life Saving Club, let alone that one of Australia’s greatest ever ironman had a connection to the landlocked location. In fact, the nearest beach to Preston is about 20 kilometres away – albeit the mostly bathwater calm Port Melbourne beach. 

Hendy recently revealed in the “Howie Games” podcast that he lived his first few years in Preston, before his father decided to sell up and head around Australia on a caravan adventure with his young family. While he was never an actual member of the Preston Life Saving Club, it obviously hasn’t stopped them from claiming him as their own.