Last night, Watsonia North residents received a letter box drop promoting the new “Parc Vue” boutique hotel in Bundoora, on the former site of Smorgy’s family restaurant. While the hotel undoubtably looks impressive, locals are querying the rather pretentious name for what is essentially a hotel on busy Plenty Road, next to a dry and rundown park, on a site haunted by the ghosts of overeaters past, and opposite a small shopping centre on the site of a former mental asylum. 

The “Parc Hotel” also claims to be “Bundoora’s very first boutique hotel”, which is kind of like saying you’re the first Collingwood supporter with an IQ higher than 85. However, the biggest beef amongst locals seems to be the lack of respect shown to the former use of the site. 

Bundoora man Greg Taylor told The Watsonia Bugle, “why couldn’t they at least retain the volcano that went off every hour? That used to be awesome while you stood out in the cold queuing up to get into the eating emporium. When Smorgy’s burnt down I was devastated. I just prayed that whatever was rebuilt there showed some respect to what was the former jewel in the north’s crown.”