Richmond premiership player Jack Riewoldt has been criticised for belting out an embarrassing misheard song lyric in front of thousands at the MCG, and many more watching on television. In what has already become an iconic Grand Final moment, Riewoldt took to the stage with American rock band The Killers for a stirring rendition of their hit song while still dressed in his full playing kit. 

While the performance has mostly been praised online, some sticklers have criticised Riewoldt this morning for messing up the penultimate lyric of “I never” with “my neighbour”. Standing in the middle of the stage, with arms raised and muscles flexed, Riewoldt looks to the sky and screams “my neighbour” multiple times. 

One critic, with the username “Killers4thewin” commented online, “what a doofus, what the hell does ‘my neighbour’ mean anyway?” Others compared the error to the more common “Alex the seal” instead of “our lips are sealed”, and “hit me with your pet shark” instead of “hit me with your best shot”. 

Either way, whatever your viewpoint on the moment, it’s evidence that no one is safe in the current social media environment, where opinions can be shared so readily and so publicly. It’s a place where you can be criticised for the fact you’re being criticised.