Sadly, the Herald Sun appears mega confused over where they stand on the Tigers photo scandal after an odd couple of days reporting on the matter. While detailing the distress caused to a young woman due to the circulation of a topless photo of her wearing an AFL premiership medal, the popular newspaper also used a very slightly sanitised version of the photo to share the story. 

In addition to arguably exacerbating the distress caused to the young woman in question, the Herald Sun also seemed very keen to tell readers how they had been the ones to break the story. In fact, they keep mentioning the fact that they broke the story first, including stating the day and time they broke it, like that is somehow an important element of the case.

The fact that they are no longer using the very slightly sanitised version of the photo at the centre of the issue has made many observers question where they stand on the matter. And all this points to mega confusion.