A Greensborough mother has remarkably been charged with dangerous driving over an incident at a local shopping centre yesterday. While dangerous driving is an unfortunately common charge in the area, this case is believed to be the first time a person has been booked for dangerous driving of a pram. 

The incident occurred on the ramp heading up towards the third floor of the popular shopping centre, as the woman reportedly clipped the heels of three separate shoppers, before running head-on into a 37-year-old man making his way down the ramp. While the heel clippings were unfortunate, it was the head-on collision that caused the most damage and eventually led to the unique charge.

Apparently the man who was struck was typing on his phone just before the collision, and ended up falling to ground, injuring both his elbow and wrist. The subsequent argument caused by the collision led to authorities attending the scene and charging the woman with dangerous driving. As there is no precedence for such a charge, the matter shapes as being a ground-breaking legal case that could change the way prams are driven forever.