In a remarkable worldwide exclusive, a blowfly has contacted The Watsonia Bugle and accused his mate Graeme the bumble bee of riding the Tigers bandwagon a little too hard since their Grand Final triumph two weeks ago. Believed to be the first time a reputable online news service has held an interview with an insect, the blow fly has lifted the lid on what he says is “an exploitation of the fact a sports team won a game of footy”.

The blowfly, a staunch Crows fan, says he’s just about had enough after his mate Graeme has been wearing his yellow and black colours for the past fortnight. He said, “I know everyone’s been showing their colours a bit more in the past two weeks – you know, scarves on public transport, posters on front windows, bumper stickers on cars – but Graeme literally hasn’t taken his colours off since the Tigers got lucky against us in the granny. He’s taken it too far, I’m off him.”

When we suggested to the blowfly that Graeme had little control over the colourations of his body, the blowfly refused to accept this fact. He just started buzzing around the room and yelling, “that bloody power stance was the death of us! If they’d spent more time working out how to shut down Vlastuin than listening to some overpaid consultants spruiking a philosophy on how to stand during the playing of a song we might have got a win!”