TV ratings provider Neilsen has reported a larger than average spike in viewers for this evening’s airing of M*A*S*H in the Watsonia area. While they were initially unsure of the reasons behind the large spike, they have since been advised that it was most likely a subconscious behaviour after Watsonia residents were circled by a persistent helicopter for most of the day. 

Being treated to the soothing sounds of a buzzing helicopter overhead for an abnormally long time earlier today, local residents seemed to have subconsciously been transported back to the popular 1970s sitcom that seamlessly showed how black humour can help people deal with the horrors of war. While M*A*S*H airs almost nightly on free to air TV, ratings are normally low, catering to the niche market of boring old people and nursing home residents.

The new interest expressed tonight in the ratings has bought M*A*S*H at least another three months of air time, with the TV network reportedly very pleased by the numbers. According to one source, “those numbers are massive for that network in that time slot. It’ll boost their weekly average enough to sell advertising for at least another few months.”