Previously the footwear combo of choice for people camping in cold weather, dorky uncles, and geishas, socks and thongs have rarely been seen as fashionable… until now. Cool socks are kind of a thing now, with businessmen all over Australia opting for colourful and patterned socks, and being told that “your sock game is strong” is about as high a compliment as can be received. 

However, not that long ago “sock game” wasn’t a thing, and socks merely acted as a comforting intermediary between your soft modern feet and the harsh insides of leather shoes. So with socks now having “game”, and playing a much more prominent role in a person’s look, it makes sense that with the approaching summer we will see more socks with thongs… and we’ll have to be okay with that. 

According to Watsonian fashion consultant, Kennyth Stanley, Spring is actually the perfect season for socks and things. He said, “its that classical awkward middle ground between chilly weather and the height of summer. I expect to see socks and thongs really take off this Spring. Apart from the obvious fashion gains, socks under thongs will assist the often painful process of breaking your delicate Winter feet into the wearing of thongs every day during summer.”

Kennyth paused when we asked our most obvious question: how do you avoid that awkward bunching between your big toe and your next biggest toe? Eventually he said, “look, you could try those toe socks but that could be too wide a divergence from your usual look. Sometimes we just have to make sacrifices to look on trend. Do you think high heels are comfortable? No they are not. But they are fashionable, and that’s the most important thing, so girls still wear them.”