A daring piece of public art, dubbed “Oreo Face”, seen on the weekend at Watsonia Station has been lauded by international critics and may just put the suburb on the map. The piece, essentially three Oreo biscuits stuck to the wall of a small shelter at the southern end of the platform, is said to cater for all ages and delivers a powerful message. 

According to London-based art critic, Samuel Wilkins, Oreo Face is “an instant classic. The moment those Oreos were attached to that wall, the piece was destined to be seen by millions. What intrigues me the most is that the face looks like it’s smiling, yet there also seems to be a tear rolling down from its left eye. That juxtaposition is just beautiful.”

While it’s unclear how long the piece has been on display, concerns have already risen about how long it will last, with fears that either ants or birds will feast on the sugary biscuits and their delicious filling. Have you seen the piece? What did you think of it?