The local council responsible for the Kalparrin Lake area in Greensborough seems unsure of what a duck actually looks like, so have hedged their bets by presenting four different versions on road signs that boarder the park. While this move could be seen as being inclusive of the various species of ducks, we’re super sceptical of the image above which we think looks more like a family of magpies than ducks.

If they are indeed magpies, you have to wonder why they feel compelled to walk across the road rather than fly. But that’s a whole ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ kind of scenario that we don’t want to delve because, after all, ducks can fly too. Anyway, here are the four different representations:

According to one local resident, the vastly different depictions of ducks has caused confusion in her 4-year-old daughter, leading to multiple confusing discussions. The resident said, “My daughter was actually the first one to notice. She said ‘Mum, why is there a sign for magpies?’ After noticing that, she kept asking why every sign on that road has different ducks on it. Kids come up with some tough questions at the best of times, but this one just completely stumped me.”