A local cyclist, who used to enjoy getting a high five from the giant coffee cup on Greensborough Highway each morning as he rode past, is reportedly angry at the more conservative positioning of the mascot in the last couple of weeks. The cyclist contacted The Watsonia Bugle to share his distress, telling us that he yearns for that small snippet of human connection in between an hour-long commute of near-misses and being yelled at by drivers.

The cyclist said, “It was actually the cup that first initiated our high fives, and then we used to share one each morning as I rode past. I giggled every time. It was pure joy. I’m not sure why he’s moved back, but I guess it’s a lot safer so I can’t really blame him. I still wave each morning, but I’m never sure if he sees me.” 

As we reported back in June, the giant coffee cup has become an iconic figure in the local area, and has actually reported a higher than average level of job satisfaction. It was even nominated as a likely playing piece for the Diamond Valley edition of Monopoly

For the record, we hope the cup stays back where he is much safer. He brings joy to our lives and we love him very dearly. If the cyclist wants to continue with the high fives, maybe he should mount the kerb and come to the cup.