A bogan from Bundoora has started preparations for tomorrow’s Derby Day a little early by carefully laying out his black shirt and white tie. The man, Brent Dickinson, even contemplated shining his white shoes for the big day at the races but decided against it once A Current Affair started. 
Dickinson told The Watsonia Bugle, “Yeah mate, well you know how it’s the black and white theme and that, I thought I’d go all out and look real fresh on the track tomorrow. I even found me old white Arnettes, so I’m gunna look real sick tomorrow.”

So it’ll be white leather shoes, black trousers, black shortsleeve shirt, white tie, heavily gelled hair and white sunnies for Dickinson tomorrow, for what promises to be a lovely day at the races. He said, “It’s become a real tradition with me and me mates, we hit up the track early, get on the cans, place a few bets and then just see where the day takes us. It’s mad fun.”