A Queenslander visiting Melbourne for the weekend has expressed surprise at the success of daylight saving in the southern state, telling friends he’s genuinely surprised by how good it is. The man, Graeme Hamilton, arrived in Melbourne on Friday afternoon and was shocked by how light it was in Watsonia at 7.00pm.

Rather than being frightened by this occurrence, Hamilton told the friends he was staying with how good it felt, before asking what time it would get light in the morning. When he was told that it wouldn’t be broad daylight at 5.00am, Hamilton stood, mouth agape, for what seemed like a minute. 

Yesterday, intrigued by the seemingly runaway success of daylight saving, Hamilton did one more thing to assess the feasibility of the initiative. That’s right, he checked the curtains at his friends’ house. 

“What do you mean it doesn’t fade the curtains?” he reportedly exclaimed, while simultaneous trying to fathom how daylight saving didn’t actually create an extra hour of daylight. When he was told that dairy farmers just adjust their schedule to the new timeframe, his head was like one of those mind blown memes, and he promptly asked to be driven to the airport so he could return home.