An old man has been incensed by what he believes is gross gender stereotyping in a parking sign at a local supermarket. Rather than being pleased that he can park a little closer to the entrance, saving him a difficult walk through traffic while wrestling a trolley, Ron Butler can’t see past the fact that the male figure has a walking stick while the female figure stands freely.

Butler contacted The Watsonia Bugle yesterday to complain about the sign, telling us, “This is just absurd, why is it always the bloke who is seen as the useless one, while the women get off scot-free? I see plenty of women stumbling around on walking sticks down at the local shops, so why doesn’t this sign reflect that?”

Butler also said that he has written several letters to the supermarket to complain, but was yet to receive a response. He said, “It’s just ridiculous. They darn well refuse to even answer my letters. This issue is everything that is wrong with the world at the moment.”