A local cricketer has finally admitted that bringing BBQ Shapes for arvo tea every week is a cop and out and he’ll endeavour to improve his efforts for the remainder of the season. The man, who requested anonymity, made the stark admission to his teammates over a few beers following the days play on Saturday.

His teammates essentially bashed the admission out of him after a solid 10 minutes of verbal abuse about the fact that he only ever brings BBQ Shapes while many of the others bring handmade sandwiches, fruit platters, party pies, and/or lamingtons. Following the interrogation, the man stood up from the table, put his beer down, raised his arms to shoulder level and said, “Alright, alright, I know it’s pretty poor form, so I’ll lift me game for the rest of season. Next week I’ll bring one of them big long jam rolls.”

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle following the incident, the cricketer said, “I’ve always known it was a cop out to just bring a box of BBQ Shapes but it’s just so much easier and cheaper, plus I actually love them. When they’re on special for $2 a box I always stock up. But the boys were right into me so now I’ll have to broaden me horizons.”