Watsonia has finally caught up with the supposedly cooler suburbs of the inner north by now being the proud owner of an abandoned oBike. The appearance of an oBike dumped at Binnak Park in Watsonia North this weekend gives us yet another reason to say we’re a cool suburb. 

The introduction of oBikes to Melbourne this year has caused issues as people come to grips with the seemingly random manner in which the bikes can be used and docked wherever you like. After arriving in Melbourne earlier this year, the bikes have been appearing on top of portaloos, in gutters, and submerged in the Yarra River. 

While inner suburbanites reserve the right to look down on us for not having access to Uber Eats just yet, they’ve also oddly claimed what is essentially the littering of unused bikes all over the place as cool and hip. But guess what, we can now leverage an otherwise annoying occurrence to claim our position amongst the zeitgeist and boost house prices.