Roadside kebab vans across Melbourne are trying to leverage the current food truck craze by claiming they are, in fact, the original food trucks, and all these fancy new ones are just copycats. The food truck movement has been slowly growing in Melbourne over the last decade, starting with roving appearances around the inner north, and evolving into permanent locations in Thornbury and Preston. They even go as far out as Yarrambat these days.

But the “trendification” of selling takeaway food out of a caravan has caused growing resentment amongst kebab van operators who often hold permanent residence at service stations across the suburbs of Melbourne. Long time kebab van owner Jon first approached The Watsonia Bugle last week to air his concerns. Since that initial contact, multiple proprietors have spoken to the Bugle, with the common thread being an under appreciation of the role kebab vans have played in paving the way for this new wave of takeaway entrepreneurs.

According to Jon, “it’s typical bloody yuppie behaviour mate. We’ve been selling food out of generator-powered caravans for ages, and then these pretentious jerks come along and start carrying on like they invented the concept. They’ve even given it a new name – food trucks – because they’re obviously too sophisticated for vans. They’re not even bloody trucks mate, they’re vans.”

Jon said he’s gathering quite a bit of support among fellow kebab van proprietors, and has even heard from hot dog sellers outside nightclubs, the food vans on the MCG concourse, and a couple of Mr Whippies. He said, “it’s a revolution mate, we’re gunna take back what’s rightfully ours!”