La Trobe University made headlines earlier this week with news of a new driverless bus that will be trialled to ferry students and staff around the campus. While this is impressive in itself, some pundits have tipped that the computer behind this impressive piece of technology will have more personality than the average bus driver.

Regular public transport user, Steph Walker told The Watsonia Bugle, “It wouldn’t be hard would it? Most of the human drivers just grunt in your general direction if you dare to talk to them. If they program the computer to rotate a few general greetings they’ll have the human drivers covered.”

While the claims are a little harsh towards the tireless bus driving community, Walker’s sentiments weren’t the only negative ones when we fronted up to a local bus stop to poll the people standing around waiting. Kelvin Dunstan said, “Yeah mate I’d give it a go. And if you could program the computers to not pull out in front of a car when there’s a big gap after it we could make motorists happier too. I mean, I know legally they’re entitled to do it, but why not just wait five seconds for the sake of traffic flow and general harmony?”