Plans are believed to be in place for a stunning art installation reserve at Binnak Park in the sleepy hollow of Watsonia North. The proposal looks destined to rival Heide in nearby Heidelberg, and promises to bring culture and innovation to the area.

In what seems a fairly obvious copy of the entire Heide complex, the proposal is even suggesting the name of “Watsie” for the new reserve, claiming that the rejuvenated site will attract visitors and tourists from all over the world. The team behind the proposal is even claiming that the renowned Heidelberg School of painters used to conduct day trips to the Watsonia region, in particular the area now known as Binnak Park.

While the proposal is currently before council and waiting for discussion on its plausibility and potential environmental impact, no comment has been given on whether the recent parking of an oBike at Binnak Park was part of a promotion to gain approval for the large-scale project. Do you think this will get off the ground? Is the site capable of becoming a world-renowned tourist destination? Did the Heidelberg School really conduct excursions to Watsy North? Only time will tell.