The table and chair setting at a Watsonia service station has been labelled as “optimistic at best, and bloody stupid at worst”. The comments have come from local man Grant Ingles who spotted the carefully placed setting while dropping in to pay for his fuel earlier in the week.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the optimistic placement, Ingles said, “I mean, what are they thinking? Who in their right mind is going to sit down there, drink their $1 coffee and have a chat to their mates? They might get a few snot-nosed teenagers who have no better place to go, but is that really the kind of crowd you’re trying to attract?”

Reflecting on Ingles’s strong comments about the attempted aesthetic improvement to the service station, we have concluded that it is indeed an odd addition to the décor. We also wouldn’t suggest taking any future love prospects there for a first date. Or any date for that matter.