A local father of three, Rick Dendle, has been baffled by the recent negative publicity surrounding Peppa Pig’s personality, claiming in a Facebook post yesterday that he knew the popular 2D pig was bad news all along. Dendle took to Facebook to air his grievances, posting “Not sure what all the fuss is about people saying Peppa Pig’s a bad influence on young kids… I could’ve told you that ages ago. She’s a rude, self-centred, bossy little bitch, and she always has been.”

Dendle’s somewhat controversial stance drew a mixture of applause and condemnation from his friends, and also revealed an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of Peppa’s rap sheet. As the comments section of his post lit up, Dendle added “You can’t tell me you hadn’t noticed how mean she is to her little brother George, and even though her dad is a big fat dopey moron he doesn’t deserve to be spoken to like that by his daughter.”

The comments went back and forwards for a while longer until Dendle’s wife posted “Stop it Richard, you’re making a fool of yourself.” And with that, the lively discussion ended. We can’t help but think that Dendle sabotaged his initially valid point by pushing the issue just a little too hard.