Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? According to some medical experts, our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are having an adverse impact on our long-term health, with some even claiming that for every hour of sitting watching TV we take 22 minutes off our life span. While other studies indicate that each cigarette we smoke takes 11 minutes off our life span.

In addition to not being medical experts, we also struggle with maths, but we can assume that sitting and watching TV while smoking four cigarettes within an hour can take over an hour off our life spans. This lost hour is an hour you could’ve spent sitting and chain smoking for an hour while watching TV. The perfect circle.

Still with us? Well done. Anyway, in light of these damning revelations, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to declare that standing while smoking is taking a proactive approach to improving your health. Considering the apparent dangers of both sitting and smoking, if you stand to have a dart – even if you’re watching TV – you can actually gain 22 minutes of life per hour. Surely that is a good result.