Popular children’s television station ABC Kids has received severe backlash from parents due to a significant change in programming. For many years now, children’s shows have been shown until just before 7.00pm but tonight it was inexplicably stretched out to 7.30pm.

Considering that many families sync their bedtime routine with ABC Kids, parents have flooded online forums to protest what has essentially become the addition of 30 minutes to an already painfully long period of the day. One such parent, Karly McIntosh, has told The Watsonia Bugle, “This is a bloody outrage. When Hoot comes on and starts singing the good night song it’s the best sound I hear all day. Now I have to wait another 30 minutes for it. Where do they think we are? Adelaide?”

Local dad Fraser Samuels was even more animated when he said, “Do these idiots know how much this impacts my life? They sit in their stupid boardrooms with their stupid ties while I’m elbow-deep in bottles, wipes, nappies, and picture books with absurd plot lines. It’s scary enough when they fiddle with which shows they put on, but to add an entire half hour is completely irresponsible.”