A Watsonia person has been left scratching their head over suggestions that more gender-neutral terms for sportspeople will help to eradicate domestic violence. As reported by various media outlets yesterday, boffins from two local universities have made the recommendation of calling ruckmen “ruckpeople” and batsmen “batspeople” to help reduce violence against women.

Dave Taylor, local realist and decent human being, is immensely confused by these recommendations. He told The Watsonia Bugle, “Let’s be honest, the only thing that reduces violence against women is blokes not being gutless cowards anymore. And that has absolutely nothing to do with what we call different positions on a sporting field. While those so-called experts were sitting around navel gazing and coming up with this ‘strategy’, the rest of society is getting no closer to fixing a genuine issue in our community.”

As passionate supporters of ending domestic violence, gender-neutral language, and common sense, we can’t help but agree with Taylor’s sentiments. Changing those kinds of terms is essentially the same as saying you can no longer use the words “man” or “woman” anymore, and just replace them with “person” for all situations and occasions. Which, in itself, would also probably get us no closer to stopping violence against women. Let’s hope the aforementioned boffins have a Plan B if we’re going to get any closer to addressing this very serious issue.