The recent re-opening of Chequers pizza restaurant on Watsonia Road has appeased the ancestors of Watsonia’s founding father Charles Watson. As reported by The Watsonia Bugle in July this year, the provision of four pizza restaurants on a 550-metre stretch of road in Watsonia is actually written into the Watsonia Constitution. Then, in September, we reported on the closure of Chequers, and what this meant for the future of our suburb.

Thankfully the closure was only temporary, with Chequers having been re-opened now for several weeks, and the fair people of Watsonia again have their choice of four pizza restaurants on the main strip of town. A representative from Charles Watson’s family told The Watsonia Bugle, “We are just glad that order has been restored. We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing pizza in Watsonia. Some are better for big group orders, some have unique options, and some are better for hangovers, but the main thing is that we have choice. It’s what Charles would have wanted. That’s why he wrote it into the constitution.”