A chicken shop in country Victoria is advertising a “Hawaiian Pack” with seemingly potent aphrodisiac qualities. While owners of the store refused to elaborate on the secret ingredients in the popular pack, the picture advertising the meal has undoubtedly phallic qualities.

The mural in question depicts an overweight red-headed man sitting on an otherwise deserted beach brandishing a piece of fried chicken while an unidentified object protrudes from the pack and appears near his groin region. When The Watsonia Bugle quizzed the owners on what the mystery aroused item was, all they would say was, “It’s just a piece of battered fish mate”.

Whether, in this particular town, the term “battered fish” is a euphemism for something more fleshy remains unclear, but the image is decidedly shady. So we’ll leave it for you to decide whether the Hawaiian Pack will leave you with more than just a satisfied stomach.