Following the introduction of strict new dog poo laws by Casey Council in south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Banyule and Nillumbik dog owners face a nervous wait to see if their councils follow suit. The new laws, made public yesterday, mean that dog owners can be fined $500 for failing to pick up their dog’s deposit, and can also be fined $200 for simply not carrying the appropriate apparatus for picking up any potential poo.

While we’ve previously reported on the angry response of an Eltham man who’d had his nature strip pooed on, if Casey-like laws are introduced to our local area it would be a real game changer for dog owners. Local dog owner and proud poo pickeruperer, Tim Drakos, would welcome the new laws, telling The Watsonia Bugle, “Short of flicking the unpicked up poo back into the dog owner’s face, hefty fines are the only way to stop these miscreants from not picking up their dog’s poo.”

Yet, on the other side of the argument, non–poo pickeruperer Mark Finney said, “What a joke. What harm does a little bit of poo do? I’m quite an important person, so it’s below me to bend down and pick up my French Bulldog’s deposit. If they insist on bringing it in, I’ll just pay the fine.”