According to a generational scientist, the most Gen Y thing that a Gen Y person can do is refer to themselves as being Gen Y. The professor in social sciences from a local university, Gordon Bannister, said the self-categorisation of one’s generational traits was classic Gen Y behaviour and typified their ego-centric know-it-all behaviour.

Bannister said, “it’s textbook Gen Y behaviour, claiming to understand an otherwise complex concept because they’ve read a few articles that popped up on their Facebook feed, in between scoffing mouthfuls of smashed avocado, buying expensive pure breed puppies, sipping on artisan coffee, and complaining about house prices in Melbourne.”

Watsonia’s very own self-proclaimed Gen Y resident, Lachie Dickson, was infuriated by Bannister’s assertion. Refusing to say anything more to The Watsonia Bugle than, “that’s so typical of a Baby Boomer”.