As local residents can no doubt believe tonight, science has confirmed that it rains more often on bin night than on any other night of the week. The discovery confirms the suspicions of many local residents, especially those with steep and/or long driveways.

The findings are the result of an in-depth analysis that has looked at rainfall data from the last five years in the Diamond Valley area. Over that time period, it has rained on 68% of bin nights, in comparison to raining on 28% of other nights.

While this staggering difference has left meteorologists in a tizz, residents of Watsonia North have essentially nodded calmly and said, “yeah, I told you so”. Which is exactly what Rob Lennard said tonight when we asked him about the results. Lennard also said, “I’ve been telling the missus this for years. It always bloody rains on bin night. About time science did something for me!”