A Watsonia man who unashamedly texts while driving his car is now concerned he’ll be nabbed by special new cameras that are monitoring phone use amongst drivers. Headlines were made yesterday when it was revealed that high tech cameras trialled on the Eastern Freeway near Chandler Highway had spotted 270 people using their phones in just a five-hour period.

Nathan Zampa regularly uses his phone while driving, believing that he has developed a number of techniques that easily mask his behaviour from fellow motorists. He told The Watsonia Bugle, “Yeah mate, it’s not a problem, no one can ever tell. I’m pretty hot on the old texties and can’t afford to miss any banter while I’m driving. I just hold me phone real low in me seat and nobody can tell. If I take a call, I just hold my hand over the phone while it’s up against me ear.”

While we pointed out to Zampa that this kind of behaviour is causing major problems on our roads, he was unrepentant. He said, “It’s a joke man. Bloody nanny state we live in. If I start getting fined for this stuff I’ll go broke.”