A Watsonia mum has been shocked to hear that Ringo Starr is the narrator for Thomas the Tank Engine television series, telling friends this week that she had no idea of the connection. Danielle Simmons came to the realisation as friends were comparing their favourite children’s shows and one friend said, “Oh, I love Thomas, and it’s kind of cool that Ringo is the narrator.”

While Simmons silently tried to work out who Ringo was, it finally clicked and she blurted out to her friends, “Ringo Starr? Are you serious?” Her friends just rolled their eyes and asked how Simmons did not know this common pop culture fact.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle after the embarrassing revelation, Simmons said, “I honestly didn’t know. I assumed the narrator was just some nobody with a pommy accent. More fool me. But what’s Ringo playing at? Isn’t it enough to be the drummer in the most famous band of all time? It’s like Harrison Ford being Han Solo and then getting greedy by being Indiana Jones as well. I mean c’mon, share it around guys!”