Genuine fears are now held for the whereabouts of the Diamond Valley’s most well-known carnivore, Megan. While we’ve been reporting on Megan’s pro-meat campaign since back in July, and there have been many developments in the saga since that first report, we haven’t seen any graffiti messages since late-September.

When Megan has contacted us in the past, including to say “I only speak to the Bugle”, she’s always done it from a private number, so we have no way of contacting her to check in on her health and safety. The silence from her has been deafening, especially as we enter the peak meat eating season of Christmas.

Numerous calls to a variety of sources in the local area have produced no leads, and we are now genuinely concerned. Although one source did suggest that perhaps Megan’s high-meat-content diet may have finally caught up with her, going into great detail about the impact that excessive meat consumption can have on your heart.

If you have heard anything about Megan’s whereabouts, please let us know. We can only hope that, just like the Queen of England, she is saving up all her thoughts for a grand Christmas message to the people.