Discount frozen beverages being offered by various fast food outlets have sparked an all-out slurpee war across our fair nation, with consumers watching closely to see what happens next. While the traditional provider of frozen beverages, 7-Eleven, seems to be sticking with their original price model, both KFC and Hungry Jacks are offering them for just $1 – with the added advantage of not even having to leave your car to get your hands on one.

While fans of frozen beverages seem to be the winner in what is essentially a price war, one local consumer has contacted The Watsonia Bugle to share his concern over what is happening to the industry. Cam Rutley says that while he appreciates the lower prices, it is testing his loyalty to the original Slurpee providers.

Rutley said, “7-Eleven is just synonymous with Slurpees mate, so I begrudgingly accepted that other stores started selling Frozen Cokes and the like, but 7-Eleven was always the Mecca. McDonalds really tested me when they started adding soft serve to Frozen Coke, but I stuck with 7-Eleven. Now I just don’t know what to do. The price is just so enticing, and I really love not having to get out of my car.”