The resident office dullard at a real estate agency in Greensborough has felt the need to tell a cricket-loving colleague that cricket is boring, like they’re the first person to ever make that observation and/or statement. The grand statement by the dullard was made to a colleague who is particularly keen on cricket, and was excitedly talking with other colleagues about yesterday’s commencement of the Third Ashes Test between Australia and England.

The cricket-loving colleague, Tom Klinger, was initially unaffected by the derogatory comments about his favoured summer pastime, until he later sat at his desk and reflected on the exchange. He thought to himself, what compels this person that he hardly knows to pass judgement on his preferred sports?

While Klinger sat and reflected on that thought, he also recalled a previous exchange between him and the dullard in which she regaled him with a colourless story about her 4-year-old son’s visit to the local pool, complete with multiple pictures on her smartphone and a one-minute video that was essentially just her son going down the small waterslide at Watermarc a couple of times. Thinking about that experience, Klinger wondered to himself what the reaction would be if, next time the dullard was talking about her son, he just said, “Oh kids?! They’re boring”, and then walked off with his head held high in a state of self importance.