The Watsonia RSL has gone and gotten super classy on us by installing scented candles above the urinal in the men’s toilet. The new additions have filled the area with a delightful aroma that is miraculously managing to overpower the potent smell of urine and fart.

While it’s unclear how long the candles have been in use, patrons seem quite pleased with the addition, saying it brings a genuine sense of class that is sometimes lacking in the Diamond Valley. Pete Young told The Watsonia Bugle, “They’re bloody great mate, the joint’s never smelt better. And when the flame’s going it adds a real gentle ambience to an otherwise frantic atmosphere.”

Despite Pete’s glowing endorsement, and the approval of most other patrons, one man told us that he is worried about the potential misuse of the candles. Greg Tomlinson said, “It’s all well and good until some bozo strolls in, thinks it’s a discarded glass of vodka and orange juice, necks it, and then burns the inside of his esophagus with hot wax”.