We called, and she answered. Following yesterday’s article questioning the whereabouts of the Diamond Valley’s most passionate carnivore, The Watsonia Bugle office has been inundated with reports this morning that Megan has struck again, this time with a new message just in time for Christmas.

Motorists on the morning commute along St Helena Road earlier today have spotted the new message, scrawled in Megan’s unmistakable font, which boldly says, “Mustard is shit without meat”. The sign of life from Megan has triggered an outpouring of relief from her biggest fans, who now know that she is alive and well.

While it’s the first time Megan has used a swear word in any of her many messages, it’s really just another indication of the passion that has fuelled her one-woman campaign in the graffiti war. Yesterday we suggested that perhaps she was saving up one more message before Christmas, just like the Queen of England does, and while Her Majesty may not have used such colourful language to get her point across, we know which Christmas message we’ll be more inspired by. Onya Megan, we’ve missed you!