An Eltham woman has compared the current state of the Greensborough Plaza car park as “a war zone”, simultaneously offending the many people in our world who have been exposed to the true horrors of war. While December is a notoriously unpleasant time in the car park of the Diamond Valley’s major shopping centre, most reasonable human beings would choose not to compare it to an actual war zone.

Having made the comments yesterday while out enjoying lunch with friends, Grace Finlayson failed to predict the angry backlash she received from both her friends and some of the fellow diners at the café where they were eating. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle after the incident, Finlayson said, “It was all a bit of an overreaction if you ask me. I was just trying to add a bit of colour to my story.”

While Finlayson’s friends refused to go entirely on the record about their reaction to the comments, they did describe the comparison as “insensitive, naive, and lacking social intelligence”. But it seems Finlayson hasn’t learnt her lesson, as she later said to us, “The way everyone started carrying on about it yesterday it felt like, dare I say it, I was under fire”.