A young Greensborough man has tried to impress his new girlfriend by taking her to the Melbourne Zoo and dropping hot animal facts all over the place like some kind of David Attenborough love child. Todd Salisbury was running out of novel date ideas just three months into his new relationship, so plucked out the Wild Card option of going to the Zoo on the weekend, spending the preceding week brushing up on interesting animal facts.

While some casual observers could have accused Salisbury of mansplaining, and others queried the factual accuracy of some of his claims, the facts seemed to have a positive effect on the new girlfriend, Steph Bracken, who spent most of the visit either holding his hand or nestled up against him. She even seemed happy to just let Salisbury play the expert, occasionally not even mentioning that she already knew some of the obvious facts that he shared.

However, just before the left the Zoo, when Salisbury started freestyling with a few meerkat facts, Bracken had to pull him up a few times. A closet fan of the popular TV show Meerkat Manor, Bracken knew that her new boyfriend was making it up as he went along when he said that meerkats were always kind and friendly to each other, tersely telling him, “Well, actually, they are very territorial and are known to feud with rival gangs in heated turf wars”. Salisbury appeared shocked by the rebuke, and the couple spent much of the drive home in silence.