A local man plans to test the common theory that tennis balls are an infinite resource at his house. Dave Stannis will be attempting this scientific experiment on Christmas Day when his family comes over for lunch and a spot of backyard cricket.

Stannis says that his mates always say they can find at least one tennis ball at his house at all times, but he believes the supply will have to run out at some stage, considering he can’t remember the last time he actually purchased any. Yesterday he told The Watsonia Bugle, “It just seems like there’s always another one lying around somewhere in the garage, but surely they’ll have to run out at some stage.”

Stannis claims that he’s been working very hard on his slog sweep so he can consistently hit balls over the fence of his medium-sized Watsonia backyard. He said, “Mate, there’ll be some real pie chuckers in the bowling attack on Christmas Day. A few young nephews, the missus, I might even send Mum for a few maximums. Twenty20 has changed the game mate, I can now clear the fences for 360 degrees. I’ll be driving, swiping, ramping and cutting these guys to all corners of the backyard. My sole aim for Christmas Day is to hit every tennis ball I own out of my property.”