A Greensborough father of three has just notched up 25 years of referring to his daughter’s taste in music as “rap crap”. Yesterday marked exactly 25 years since Ken Donaldson made the amusing discovery that the words “rap” and “crap” in fact rhymed, and he first uttered it to his then teenage daughter to widespread laughter and applause at a family function.

However, in contrast to that first reaction to his witty comment, the same line now just elicits widespread eye rolling and name calling. Family members now refer to him as a fossil, dinosaur, luddite and/or dickhead, but he chuckles along to his gag just as heartily as the first time he said it.

According to Donaldson’s daughter, Rebecca, he just doesn’t understand that the term has run its course. She said, “it’s kind of sad really. He got some really good mileage out of it in the early- to mid-90s but he’s just flogged it to death now. To be honest, it should never have even been used in the 2000s, but here we are 17 years into them and he still runs with it. He got a bit of a second wind when the grandchildren came along, but they were only laughing cos they heard grandpa say a ‘rude word’. Sadly, their laughs just encouraged the old codger.”