A heavily hungover man has bemoaned the lack of decent refrigeration at a local supermarket after craving an ice cold can of Coke to cure his ills but instead getting one that was almost at room temperature. Rick Fraser woke early this morning with a thumping headache and a churning stomach, before stumbling down to Coles at Greensborough Plaza for a frosty can of Coke.

While Fraser has long been a critic of the inadequate refrigeration of drinks at the front of supermarkets, this morning was a real tipping point. He told The Watsonia Bugle, “It was just the absolute pits mate. I was bloody struggling, just needed an ice cold can of Coke and they serve up this room temperature crap. Get some doors on your fridges for Pete’s sake!”

Coles management was unavailable for comment, but the issue is not solely confined to their stores anyway. Both Safeway and IGA employ the same method of refrigeration, leaving thousands of customers dissatisfied and ill-equipped to manage severe hangovers.